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Des Moines

Des Moines

Des Moines.  But more on that later, first the bike...

Massimo Tamburini was the chief designer at Ducati for many years and one of the worlds most renowned motorcycle designers.  Tamburini is credited with designing some of the company's most iconic models, including the 916, the Ducati 748 and the Ducati 996.

The Ducati 748 was designed by Tamburini in 1994, and it was the first production motorcycle to feature the now-iconic trellis frame design that is still in use today. The 748 was also the first bike in the Superbike class to use a liquid-cooled engine, which was a major step forward for the brand at the time. The 748 was also considered to be a major step forward for the Ducati brand and was a critical success.

The Titanium Grey 748s offered in 2002 had a limited production of just 250 units, of which 200 went to the United States.  The Titanium Grey model was offered in just monoposto and featured many parts normally suited for race bikes.

So, about Des Moines.  Des Moines, IA is where our Founder (RZ) grew up and spent all of his adolescent years.  A nice quiet midwest town with some pretty rad people.  Check it out sometime.  Anyway, this bike was our Founders first motorbike. Throughout high school he worked at an authorized Ford dealer doing various odd jobs.  Washing cars, valet service, lot attendant, part runner, you name it.  While working there he had the pleasure of meeting some of his lifelong closest friends, one of which owned this 748s.  A deal was made that if the bike ever came up for sale he got first dibs.  Well that day came back in 2007.  Our founder instantly said yes.  The rest is history.  A history that entails a few lowsides, multiple moves, etc etc.  This bike is more than a motorcycle.  It is a symbol of what everyone in the automotive and speed communities so deeply love.  The connection to machine and the stories that come alone with it.

This is a small, yet personal collection.  Enjoy.

Des Moines

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