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Article: Our favorite aftermarket wheels

Our favorite aftermarket wheels

Our favorite aftermarket wheels

Wheels are like shoes, they can make or break an outfit.  You don't throw on a tux for a black tie affair with some busted shoes, are we right?  Of course we are.  Now, that is not to say that factory wheel set ups are bad.  In fact, in most cases, factory wheels are the best choice.  However, if you must personalize your car, whether it be for performance or aesthetic reasons, we have some recommendations.

Now we all know there are plenty of options when it comes to wheel choice.  And quite frankly it is a big decision.  You are drastically changing the look of your vehicle and it isn't cheap.  So we have done you a favor and listed out our top aftermarket wheel choices [ranked in no particular order].


BBS E88 

copyright owner | @kazuo_wfc

copyright BBI Autosport

Perhaps one of, if not the most iconic wheel of all time...the E88 by BBS.  We love this wheel.  Especially shown here in gold with silver lip.  Our friend @kazuo_wfc on Instagram has tastefully upgraded his wheel and tire package alongside the perfect stance.  Check him out and give him a follow if this 991 GT3 hits you like it does us.  One of the cleanest rides around and really showcases the E88s.

The E88 is a 3-piece construction and feature a forged aluminum center with backmilled spokes and heat treated spun aluminum rim sections. This eqautes to superb performance due to their stiffness to weight ratio.  Pricing wise these will rank towards the top of our list as the price of one wheel can be up to $1,500 USD.  Regardless, we love these wheels and place them atop our list of top aftermarket wheels.


Volk Racing TE37

copyright owner | @hd.built

Volk Racing TE37 Saga SL - 18" – System Motorsports


The second wheel on our list is another iconic and popular wheel...the Volk Racing TE37.  The first model was a 15" rim and weighing in at an astounding 3.7kg, hence TE37.  Possibly the origin for forged sport wheels, the TE37 has an excellent stress variance due to its calculated 6 spoke wheels.  Besides the history, performance, and styling of the TE37, we like the versatility of the wheel.  Perhaps most often seen on Japanese cars, the TE looks perfectly at home on a variety of cars, including this stunning Ferrari 360 owned by our mate @hd.built.  The race inspired design of the TE's compliments the aggressive styling and stance of the 360 perfectly.  We love this set up!  Be sure to check out @hd.built for all of his super clean builds. From a price standpoint, the TEs are very reasonably priced.  Depending on where you look, you can find deals from $550+ USD per wheel.  A total bargain for this iconic wheel.


Spoon Sports SW388

copyright owner @hi_im_hung

copyright COBRA CORSA | owner @hi_im_hung

copyright Spoon USA

As long as there are people with a passion for Honda, Spoon Sports will continue to be one of the best representation of Japanese motorsport.  Seen here in the 5-lug version, the SW388 is an icon throughout the community and the word 'Spoon' demands respect.  Simple 5 spoke design, missing center cap, and yellow Spoon logo just does it for us.  Shown here on a white EK hatch from our friend @hi_im_hung the SW388s compliment the white paint and black accents perfectly.  Not to mention the stance is perfect. Swing by @hi_im_hung social to see more detail on the build. The SW388 has been and will continue to be one of our favorite wheels of all time.  Price is a bargain for an iconic brand, the 15" shown starts around $800 USD per wheel.  If you own a Honda, we would suggest you seriously consider this set up.


Speedline SL886


Speedline 2110 Challenge White


The Speedline SL 886 wheels are classic race wheels that in our opinion look fantastic on the Ferrari 348 and F355.  Simple and classic in design, they are synonmous with Ferrari Challenge cars of the era.  Pictured here in white on a black car really standout and showcase the aggressive stance and race forward styling.  Formerly owned by Jamiroquai's frontrunner Jay Kay this is one of our favorite 355's. Pricing with these is a bit more challenging.  Now we do not claim to be experts, but we were not able to find these brand new anywhere on the internet.  Even the Speedline website directed us to a dealer locator page so unsure if they would be in stock anywhere.  We did however see a number of used sets available ranging around the $4500 USD mark for a complete set.  Not bad actually, especially if you want a period correct look for your car.


HRE Classic 305M

copyright COBRA CORSA | @das_dumped


It may be an understatement to say we love this wheel and tire combo on this gated Ferrari F355.  After all, it is the inspiration of our first collection, and the owner is a dear friend of ours @das_dumped.  Besides the wheels, this particular 355 hosts a number of F50 easter eggs throughout, and is a super tasteful build.  If you like what you see be sure to check out @das_dumped on social.  The wheels themselves are HRE Classic 305M's are forged 3-piece monoblock and are designed with strength and quality in mind.  Ranging in sizes of 17" - 22" and in nearly every color finish imaginable.  We however love this satin black finish complimented with the yellow prancing horse center cap.  Price wise these are also atop the list, costing around $1,700 USD each.


Motegi Racing Technomesh

Wheels: MR130 Techno Mesh


Motegi Racing™ | Wheels & Rims from an Authorized Dealer — CARiD.comcopyright

 2011 Ferrari 458 GT3 | London 2019 | RM Sotheby's


Motegi Racing 19X10.0 et79 / 5X120.65 / cb72.56 Motegi Cast MR120 Techno Mesh S 19" 5x120 Race Silver MR12091034479


Seen here in both the street and race models, the Motegi Racing Technomesh features split 7 spoke design and screams motorsport racing.  We love the cutouts on the spokes for weight saving and are really feeling the sporty styling.  Additionally, Motegi was a technical partner with Ferrari for both the Challenge and GT Championships series with the Ferrari 458 and 488.  Of the lot, the Technomesh are the least expensive wheels on our list, with a set of 19" x 10" going for just under $600 USD.  A real bargain, especially at that size and with race technology inspiration.


Desmond RegaMaster EVO II

copyright car owner @dpk_jared | photo @stickydiljoe

copyright car owner @dpk_jared | photo @stickydiljoe

copyright car owner @dpk_jared | photo @victorscottwang


Similar to the Spoon we mentioned earlier, we love the classic 5 spoke designs on these RegaMasters.  Dont be surprised if you have not heard about Desmond, they are not as big of a name as BBS or Volk but they should be.  They are great wheels, forged in Japan for strength and lightweight. Their design is perfectly simple.  We particularly like this white set on @dpk_jared's 964.  This car is insane.  Very nice upgrades and incredible attention to detail.  Be sure to check out @dpk_jared's social for more on this car.  If we stick with the shoe reference mentioned at the top of the post, he changes out wheels as often as most of us do shoes.  It is awesome, and he has impeccable taste on wheel choice. Anyway, these wheels paired with this stance is absolutely spot on in our opinion.  The missing centercaps provide an even more race feel and we are diggin it.  In terms of price they are a great value, roughly $750 USD per wheel is much less than a E88.  These are seriously good wheels.

Now for tire choice we like the usual suspects...Michelin, Pirelli, Toyo, Falken, Nankang, etc. however that doesn't necessarily mean that's what's right for you or your car.  As like wheels, tire choice is highly subjective, although the tire doesn't change the look of your car drastically. And we said 'drastically' as obviously tire fitment and stance make a huge difference.  But assuming manufacturers make the same size tire, then it really comes down to which tire gives you and your car the best traction.  Traction is after all, the name of the game with tires.

Hope this list finds you well, and enjoy the search.  Wheel and tire buying is fun.